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Therapeutic Nutrition Plans

Your first experience with EB Nutrition will provide you with a personalized road map to achieving your goals. This road map is our customized therapeutic nutrition plan and it will contain all of the steps you must take to optimize your health. Instead of using preprinted handouts to dictate what you should be doing, we work with you to set up an original plan that is personalized, realistic, and easy to implement. This plan is focused on everything from healing digestion, balancing blood sugars and supporting metabolism to optimizing sleep, improving mood and much more!

We will look at a timeline of your health, review lab work and conduct a body composition and dietary analysis to determine the possible root cause of your health concerns. From there, we will spend quality time educating you on your individual biochemistry and answer any questions you may have about the symptoms you may be experiencing. You will be given an action plan to follow that will include nutritional guidelines, detailed meal plans, supplements, a customized fitness plan and laboratory recommendations if necessary. You will walk away from your experience with EB Nutrition feeling educated, empowered and capable of taking the necessary steps toward achieving total health.

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