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Migraines are more than just bad headaches. They're a total body assault. Upwards of 25 million American men and women suffer from migraines. Classic migraines are preceded by an aura, sudden sensitivity to smell and light, nausea, vomiting, diarrhea, chills and fever. Symptoms can last up to 3 or 4 days. Common migraines have no aura, but much of the same visual disturbances, changes in taste and smell, weakness and confusion as well as pain. Cluster headaches are clustered in time, two or more sudden, extremely painful headaches a day, clustered over the eyes or forehead, and usually affect men. (They appear to be connected to testosterone imbalance.) There are no advance warning symptoms.


Common Symptoms

Cluster headaches mean severe, localized pain; dilated blood vessels with irritated adjacent nerves; nasal histamine reactions; sensitivity to light; restlessness. Migraines mean constriction/dilation of brain, scalp and face blood vessels, lasting anywhere from 4 hours to two days, recurrent several times a month; a preceding aura, light sensitivity, visual problems; halos around lights; nausea and vomiting, made worse by light and movement; intense, lasting pain, usually on one side of the head; water retention.


Common Causes

Food allergies e.g. wheat, dairy; foods containing sulfites, MSG, tyramine or phenylalanine; sinus pressure; hypoglycemia; TMJ; environmental allergies; muscular tension; anxiety; too much caffeine, fat and sugar; sticky platelets; birth control pills; H. pylori bacteria or lack of friendly intestinal flora; liver blockage; over-use of drugs; magnesium deficiency.


Natural Treatment

Nutritional awareness is a must for prevention as many vascular headache reactions may be successfully addressed by natural healing methods. Recommended protocol includes one or more of the following: food and chemical sensitivity testing, mineral testing, stress management via nutrition, exercise and low stress diet. Personalized nutrition assessment (online or in person) suggested to determine specifics of food elimination diet and additional therapeutic support.



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