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Skin Health


Healthy, well-nourished skin is more than just skin deep. The skin is the body's largest organ, consisting of multiple layers that function together. Skin is also the body's first line of defense against bacteria and invading pathogens, so skin must be healthy to maintain a well-functioning immune system.

The skin is often a good indicator of the nutritional quality of our diets as well as the balance of our hormones. Skin problems reflect a stressed lifestyle almost immediately and allergies tend to show up on the skin first. Every day our skin sheds its outermost layer and replaces it with renewed cells. Therefore, it is essential that nourish these new skin cells with skin supportive vitamins and minerals. In addition, water and sleep and are two of the most important nutrients to give your body and ensure healthy, young looking skin.


Common Symptoms

Unbalanced skin and acid mantle, with sores, spots, cracks, oiliness or dryness, scaling, itching, chapping, redness and rashes.


Common Causes

Emotional stress; poor diet of excess refined foods and sugars; too many damaged fats; caffeine overload; food allergies that cause redness; high copper levels causing blotching; poor digestion and assimilation; PMS; too much sun; irritating cosmetics; essential fatty acid and bioflavonoid depletion; liver malfunction.


Natural Treatment

The first line of treatment for anyone with a history of allergies would include a food sensitivities and intolerance screening, which looks for IgG antibodies in the blood that react to specific food and chemicals. Treatment for food sensitivities includes an allergy elimination diet and determining the cause of the intolerance. This oftentimes includes gastrointestinal assessment and support. Further treatment would look at other environmental and diet stressors, as well as hydration.



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